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The Accidental Genius of Revisiting the Lewinsky Scandal

February 17, 2014

Senator Rand Paul may or may not have foreseen this, but the result is that pundits, journalists, and bloggers alike are twisting themselves into pretzels in a frenzied defense of the democratic party. In this regard, Sen. Paul has the Left carrying our water – by exposing Bill’s sins and Hill’s complacency in his dalliances, we see once again that the democrat party is no friend to women, and begs the following question:

Who would want an abused wife running the country?

Now before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, let me say that although I am now married to a very fine man, my first husband was extremely abusive. Living with and enduring abuse shatters one’s personal boundaries, and resurrecting those boundaries is no easy task. We tend to trust those we should not, and accept unacceptable behaviors. Some of us even turn into abusers.

Enter Hillary Clinton, who has been rumored to have participated in the continuing abuse of women victimized by Bill. Kathleen Willey has stated that Hillary “orchestrated every one of the investigations” against the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Hillary became an abuser. Couple this with her insatiable desire for power and control, and you have someone who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. After enduring Bill for decades, and then being dethroned by Obama, no one is going to *cheat* her out of the presidency. It’s her turn, she deserves it, and she will get elected by any means necessary.

So again I ask, do you want this abused wife running the country?



Former Clinton Aid: Hillary Conducted ‘War On Women’ Sexually Harassed by Her Husband (+audio)

Monica Lewinsky, Reconsidered: Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul and the New Politics of an Old Sex Scandal


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