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Leaderless Conservatives Just Want to be Left Alone

November 23, 2012

My apologies in advance to “Norm”, but his response to Kyle Becker’s blog post “It’s Never Enough: Why the American Left Won’t Stop Until It Has Ruined Everything” doesn’t deserve to remain buried in the comments section:

“…Rush, Hannity, Beck, and the rest kept our blood boiling, but they lent no leadership.

We needed a plan from our radio leaders. They had none. They wouldn’t even work with one another.

Well, we were ripe for leadership four years ago. Ripe and ready. Leaderless, we still came close to winning.

This time around, though…many of us conservative war wounded can’t be stirred to life again with hot sticks. It is a simple fact.

Conservatives, like the walking wounded of the south, just want to get on with life…even life in the coming crazy world of Obama and his minions. They know the worst is coming but they lack the will to get up and do it one more time.

Honestly, it may be one hundred years coming again…and in a world vastly different than this one.

But, if a leader comes along and wants to do it one more time, I’ll be there, boots on. But right now. Well, right now, I just want to be left alone. Just endure. Take the beating I know is coming.

Sounds a little melodramatic, doesn’t it? May be so, my conservative friend. May be so. But it doesn’t mean that I’m far from the truth.”

We had almost every effective tool at our disposal – a fired-up base, four years of disasters under the worst alleged POTUS this nation has ever seen, and liberals virtually conceding the race before the first ballot was counted.  Everything seemed to be going our way except for one tiny little detail:  We were denied real leaders.

To defeat Obama, we needed not only a strong candidate who could inspire the troops, but also impassioned Congressional representatives to give teeth to the American Public, and media big-mouths to keep pressure on the Left.

None of these essential elements materialized.  Indeed, anyone with the stones to challenge The System on our behalf was quickly removed by the RNC Elite and a complicit MSM.

Many of us capitulated and decided to work with what was available after the Tampa debacle:  Remove the Marxist and then deal with the RNC.  We were hopeful that Romney would actually take it to Obama, but that too never happened.  The only Republican testosterone to be found came unexpectedly from Paul Ryan.

After Obama’s stunning *victory*, we are left with our worst nightmares – an almost complete lemming-like march towards Socialism.

Never in America, you say?  Guess again.  It’s here now, although most won’t realize it until they pay their taxes next year, more jobs evaporate, grocery costs skyrocket, or they try to get decent healthcare.

Those of us old enough to remember parents and grandparents talk about the Great Depression will fare better than most, but I fear many will just simply not be able to cope with our new reality.

So like Norm, if a real Conservative Leader appears, I’m ready to fight for my country one more time.  Until then however, let’s just get on with the destruction.


Please read the rest of Norm’s comment along with Kyle’s excellent blog at:

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