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Dear Mitt Romney – How to get Elected

September 7, 2012

Do you want to suture the breach within the Republican Party?  Is it your belief that Obama is currently the single greatest threat to America?  Are you convinced that every person who possesses an ounce of Conservatism must vote Republican in this election to save America?

The GOP is fracturing and an Obama win is virtually guaranteed, yet the answer to this dilemma is very simple – appoint every one of your 2012 opponents to cabinet positions, and do it NOW

Each candidate has loyal followers who will refuse to vote for you.  The only sensible solution is to bring all of them into meaningful positions within your administration where their skills and expertise can assist you in your stated quest to restore America.

Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum all have something valuable to contribute, and by including them in your administration, you demonstrate that the Republican Party truly is a Big Tent.

Appoint these people, and get them working NOW so that on Day One of your Presidency, they have policies and procedures ready to go, and then announce your selections or appointments to the American People to demonstrate that the Grand Old Party is truly inclusive.

Please, make is easier for the American People to vote for you in November.  Give each of us a sense of investment within a framework of cooperation, rather than forcing us to just vote against Obama.

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