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Post-Romination Ruminations

August 31, 2012

Tampa was an utter charade designed solely to confer legitimacy to a pre-selected nominee.  The ensuing abuse, bullying, whining, and crying by those comfortable with choosing the “lesser-of-two-evils”, is having precisely the opposite effect on those of us who object to having either corporatists or statists in charge of our lives.

My frightened Republican peers will doubtless squeal that any vote other than for Mitt will be a vote for Obama, and I agree that this could prove prophetic…but let’s share the blame, shall we?

1.  Congress didn’t care to rein-in Obama’s profligate spending and subversion. 

On any number of issues, Congress could have put their collective feet down and stopped this train wreck, but they didn’t.  Instead, our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. consistently refused to take their roles as guardians of the Constitution and our nation seriously.

2.  The vast majority of the Republican electorate didn’t care to show up for the primaries.

Had Republicans taken the time to educate themselves about the various issues and candidate platforms and then actually showed up to vote, Tampa might have been a celebration of individual liberties, instead of Romney’s rushed coronation.

3.  Neither our delegates nor the other Presidential candidates saw fit to object to the nominating process.

To be fair, I wasn’t in Tampa and do not know the conditions our delegates were operating under.   However, I find it difficult to believe that NO ONE had the boldness to stand and object to the process.

More than likely, this political lethargy simply reflects the belief that virtually anyone would do a better job than Obama.  Trouble is, the RNC’s answer to our current troubles is to replace him with someone just as determined to own America.

George Soros said that there is “little difference” between Romney and Obama [1]. 

If this is so, then there is hardly any reason to get excited about the upcoming General Election.  If either man gets elected, we will have four more years of misery.  Thus, on Election Day I will be doing what any concerned American should be doing – voting for an individual who is truly capable of leading this nation.

And it won’t be either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.



  1. A lot of the delegates tried to object. They were shouted down by the party loyalists. If you watch the video, when the people start yelling USA! USA! USA! They (Romney’s thugs) were instructed to do that to drown out the objections.

  2. No, delegates and committee members were removed. When you saw Preibus and Beohner on the stage taking the “vote” they ignored the nays and when they said “without objection, the motion is laid upon the table” the Romney thugs were told to yell USA! USA! so that no objection would be heard. The non-Romney delegates (mostly Paul) that were there (and not replaced on on a bus circling the block) were seated away from the stage and their mics were cut off.

    • Then it seems to me that the only way to correct this mess is at the ballot box. Yes, voting for a 3rd party might very well result in a second term for Obama, but it would cripple the RNC and force Congress to do their jobs. Maybe it would wake up a few Americans in the process and we might value our liberty a bit more.

  3. I agree. Everyone wants to concentrate on congress so that’s something we agree on. I will probably be voting for Gary Johnson. Alan Keyes is going to leave the POTUS race blank and a of people are talking about voting for Hoeflinger or Goode.

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