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An Open Letter to our Republican Delegates

August 15, 2012

Dear Delegate,

You have inadvertently become the last line of defense for America.

Before casting your vote in Tampa, please consider that for many Americans, our choices appear severely limited – Socialism or Socialism-lite.   As a fellow American citizen, I beg you to uphold our Constitution, traditions, values, and rich history.

RNC Rule #38 states that delegates cannot be “bound”, and has been invoked historically:

“…the legal counsel for the Republican National Convention in 2008 stated: “[The] RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.” Thus, if a delegate were to challenge his or her ability to vote as a free agent, he or she would have grounds under Rule 38. [1, 2]” 

You are unbound.  No one can force you to vote for any particular candidate.  Instead, you are allowed to vote your conscience for the good of America and our posterity.

As Republicans, our main focus is to undo the damage caused by Obama and his Democrat allies.  This can only be accomplished by a strong and committed leader dedicated to serving and protecting America.

Dr. Gingrich has said, “Two hours after I’m sworn in as President and by the time the Obamas land in Chicago, I will have 40% of Obama’s Government Dismantled.”

I believe him.

This is an essential first step in reclaiming America.  All of Obama’s unelected czars need to go, and this is one of the first things Dr. Gingrich will tackle along with our out-of-control spending, national security concerns, and energy independence.

We have a long and arduous task before us in the midst of global terror, violence, and economic crises.  I want a President who has experience dealing with Congress, understands the history and significance of intricate international relationships, has already forged many friendships with our allies, is intimately familiar with our Constitution and the intent of our Founders, and has an unshakeable and deep love for America and her people.  This is not the occasion to elect someone untried on national, Congressional, and international scenes.

We need someone ready to work the moment he is sworn in, and I cannot think of another American better suited to lead this nation out of danger.  Please seriously consider a vote for Dr. Gingrich as a vote for freedom and liberty at our upcoming brokered Republican National Convention.

Thank you very much!



A Concerned Citizen from Colorado



  1. Todd Bishop permalink

    I will vote for Obama over Romney for a number of good reasons.
    Please realize that Newt is the most qualified, capable, prepared, successful, conservative first term candidate since AT LEAST Eisenhower. We are at a crossroads in American history, give us a candidate that offers a choice and can make a difference. Mitt Romney is every bit as obviously the wrong candidate as Newt is the right one. Do not miss this opportunity to nominate what we have every reason to believe will be one of the greatest presidents in American history at precisely the moment when we need him most. Preparedness, intelligence, knowledge, and a history of success counts!

  2. Please know that a large number of Conservative Patriots I’ve heard, are writing in Newt, the only Conservative with all candidates still on the ballot, in fact, the only Conservative there was at the beginning of debates.
    Speaker Gingrich received several standing ovations during his debate times, plus other speeches he did in campaigning. He had and still has the only steps he would take as POTUS, beginning with the first day in office that will actually work and kick-start America and her people into a true beginning of taking America back. He’s the only candidate that has not swayed in his positions and he talks only truth. Newt is the man who the Democrats and Obama fear he worst….and apparently, Mitt Romney feared him which was because he spent millions of Super Pac money plus some of his own is negative ads in taking Newt down. I forgive the people for not knowing how to research the truth and certainly not seeing what Romney was doing to Newt, but I can never forgive Mitt. See, I figure that if Mitt feels so comfortable in telling lies so early in all this, paying people off to keep his secret, excercising in voter fraud, etc. that he will do the same to the American people and this is so much like President Obama is doing and has done.
    Please don’t know throw America to the wolves again, even if Romney can win against Obama…which is not really looking like this will be the case. He can’t debate Obama on certain things because they are so much alike. The healthcare being underwritten by Romney, Romney calling Obama a ‘nice guy’, Romney having so much money is different off-shore places…..and no one can make that much money and freely spend it as he has on this campaign too. Bain Capital is another sore spot, where he has asked those involved to ‘make the dates right’ to show he was not acting executive at the time everything was happening, even though there is evidence he was. There are too many other factors that make Mitt Romney the worst man to be POTUS besides Obama himself.
    Newt… someone people can take for his word…..the only reason politicians did not like him while Speaker is because he MADE the Senate/Congress work, even if it were prolonged into the night or a holiday. That’s something we need….as the people….we NEED these people to work for the people. That’s why they make the money they do, and it’s also why they have the best of benefits. They certainly knew what they were getting into when they entered the job, and had an ‘out’ if they didn’t want to do it. This is what’s wrong in Washington today….no one has to make a decision for the people, so they don’t….and they go on vacation anyway. There’s only a few days they work per year anyway. What’s wrong with working and doing their jobs? Has America changed this much? I guess it has since Obama is wanting people to sign up for government money instead of getting jobs.
    Please don’t let America down again, as it was in 2008. You see what has happened since then. Do we want to keep this up, either through Obama or Romney? I don’t…..I don’t want to see my children, grandchildren, etc grow up such as this. The America we know will not survive…..that’s why we need Newt. Newt is our last chance….please put your trust in him and let him help America and her people…..PLEASE!


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