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A Bedtime Story for America

August 13, 2012

A long time ago, there was a beautiful town set in the midst of lush forests, farmland, and meadows.  The people felt safe there because the original inhabitants had surrounded the area with a very strong stone wall.

Year after year, the townspeople went about their business and slowly improved on the original design until even the poorest of their citizens had more money and opportunity than poor people in other towns.  Through storms and tempests, the stone wall stood firm, and a legend began to grow that the wall could never be broken.

More years passed, and the legend became a certainty within the minds of the citizens.  The wall would never, could never be breeched, wrecked, or torn apart.  As long as the people could see the wall was still standing, they knew all was well.

But people in nearby towns had heard about the wall.  They also heard how safe and secure the inhabitants behind that wall were, how much food they had, and that everyone who wanted to go to school could do so.  The citizens of the nearby towns became jealous and banded together to devise some method of bringing that stone wall down, but each effort was met with failure.  The wall still stood firm.

Still more years went by, and the townspeople began to neglect the wall.  Weeds were not removed and debris began to pile against it.  One day, a jealous person from a neighboring town decided to start burning up the unsightly trash.   The fire popped and sizzled, flames reaching ever higher until… “PING!” and part of the wall crumbled from the heat.

“A-ha!” he thought.  “Now I know how to bring that wall down!”

Quickly the jealous person ran and told his town council.  They in turn told the other town councils.

“At last!  We can finally destroy that wall and take everything those greedy townspeople own!”

People from many other towns came and built fires all around the wall, and slowly the wall began to crumble.  People picked up tools and started to hammer away at the wall until one-by-one, they could finally wriggle through small openings.

They were amazed by what had become of the once-protected town.  Homes and buildings that had at one time been bright and shiny were now worn and dilapidated.  The townsfolk were bent and grey where before they had been youthful and vibrant.  Farmland was barren.  The trees from the forest had been cut down, and no one played in the meadows anymore.  The townspeople looked up and saw the invaders, but they just turned away as if they hadn’t noticed.

A strong intruder approached an old man and pulled him to his feet.  “What has happened to your town?” he demanded.

The old man shrugged and said, “We quit caring.  We stopped looking after the wall.  Our politicians became corrupt and convinced the people that they didn’t have to work anymore.  Now everything is broken and no one remembers how to fix things.”

The intruder threw the old man roughly to the ground in disgust, drew his sword, and fatally stabbed the old man.

“Thank you” the old man whispered just before dying.


I didn’t promise you a *nice* bedtime story, and actually, it’s time to wake up:

Document shows Council on Foreign Relations plan to limit U.S. sovereignty

See also:  International Institutions and Global Governance Program – World Order in the 21st Century

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