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Delegates – Who Will Own Us?

August 11, 2012

Once upon a time, I believed that the RNC Elite possessed some vestigial shreds of patriotism.

I was wrong.

What has become painfully obvious, especially over these last few weeks, is that those of us who still believe in America and her importance are actively being deceived by the creators of the greatest political Ponzi scheme ever conceived. Specifically – that a Massachusetts liberal, whose healthcare scheme was the blueprint for Obamacare, would lead us away from the brink of total government-mandated control over every aspect of our lives.

This is not the plan.

Both the RNC and DNC believe that our rights as individual citizens have been successfully overcome via legislation, judicial activism, and out-of-control regulatory agencies. This election is therefore not about freedom, liberty, jobs, the economy, national defense, or any of those very quaint ideas. Not for a moment. This election is very simply about which side will own us.

Mitt Romney handily represents the Corporate Oligarchy. Obama remains the Socialist-in-Chief. Either choice is a literal disaster, not just for America, but for every freedom-loving person on the planet.

Our only option is a Brokered Convention, where the delegates (most of whom are freedom-loving Americans) can exercise their rights under the existing RNC Rule #38 to choose an appropriate nominee to run against Obama.

Dr. Gingrich has been unwavering in his support of America. He knows the Constitution, our rich history, current events, and many world leaders. Dr. Gingrich would not require months to become accustomed to the job – he’s seen and done DC before. More than ever, we need a skilled and dedicated person to lead us through these frightening times. Most of all, we need an American fighting for America, and not Corporatism or Socialism.

Delegates, it’s up to you.

Fight the Ponzi scheme. Choose wisely. Choose Newt for America!

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  1. Kathy Chapman permalink

    Please forward this to the 2012 rnc convention!! i have sent a letter today, i am hoping RNC 2012 CONVENTION IS BOMB BARTED WITH LETTERS TODAY!!! PASS AROUND THE LINK IS THIS..

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