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RNC Afraid of Democrat Bene Gesserits

June 10, 2012

This blogger is 100% for Newt. It is more than painfully obvious with each new revelation of the current administration’s treachery and deliberate mismanagement that Newt is exactly what we need right now to restore America and preserve our beloved Constitution.

What has been bugging me most about this entire nomination process is how the RNC can so enthusiastically support a candidate who is just as corrupt, facile, and pandering as our current Dear Leader. I may finally have an answer, and the key involves the kind of corruption that Mitt has practiced for decades.

Like the Bene Gesserit of “Dune”, The Chicago political Machine has been manipulating circumstances and people to produce their own version of the Kwisatz Haderach. Barry Sotero is that man – although without the superhuman powers of Paul Atreides, for Mr. Sotero requires an army of individuals with criminal expertise to keep him in power.

Is the RNC so terribly afraid of Mr. Sotero that they have almost literally made a deal-with-the-devil to deny Barry a second term? Certainly we’ve seen how Mitt can easily game the system to produce precisely the results he desires.

Newt would run a clean campaign. Newt would restore honesty and decency to our White House. Newt would end up as beloved as Ronald Reagan. Newt IS what we need.

But Newt is not a crook, and the RNC obviously believes they need someone as crooked as Barry to retake control of our government. Should Mitt really become the nominee in August, it will be very interesting indeed to see which political machine can stuff more ballot boxes than the other.


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  1. We are obviously being presented with two choices to lead our country, one we do not like, trust , or believe is the best candidate for becoming our next president, and the other is one we do not like, trust or believe is the best candidate for becoming our next President.

    God bless America , the greatest nation on earth, where we all have the right to coose our leadership. šŸ™‚ Vote in November for the candidate you dislike the least . !! šŸ™‚

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