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Romney’s Economic Plan – Bush Retreads

May 12, 2012

As reported by the Washington Times, Mr. Romney, with a whopping 811 hard delegates, has decided to include a number of Bush-43 staffers in his inner circle, including economist N. Gregory Mankiw who remarked in 2004 that outsourcing jobs would benefit the U.S. in the long run [1, 2]. 

After a firestorm of protests including a rebuke from Dennis Hastert (R-IL), Mankiw later attempted to explain his position by noting that his “…lack of clarity left the wrong impression that I praised the loss of U.S. jobs. … It is regrettable whenever anyone loses a job” and that the administration’s goal should be “…to help workers prepare for the global economy of the future” [3, 4].

Right or wrong, voters on both sides of the aisle blame Bush-the-Younger at least in part for our current economic nightmare.  Bush-era retreads are not going to fill them with enthusiasm or hope, and neither will such tone-deaf appointments bring many to the polls in November unless it is to vote specifically against Mr. Romney.

Dr. Gingrich, who played no small role in balancing our budget four years in a row during his tenure as Speaker of the House, has warned repeatedly that maintaining or resurrecting failed economic policies will only serve to increase public anger and distrust.  In his latest admonition, he cites the defeat of incumbents and the rise of political fringe groups in Europe as evidence of international resentment towards the ever-more aristocratic and out-of-touch ruling class [5].

Mr. Romney stated earlier this month that he intends to pursue “…a different course, a new course unlike any of our past” and that his plans “…will draw on the creativity and invention of the world’s most innovative citizenry.  Government will be their partner, not their master [6]”.

In place of such lofty campaign rhetoric, which points more toward global economic control rather than domestic solutions, Mr. Romney may wish to adopt tried-and-true methods of economic recovery.  He could for instance, consult with Dr. Gingrich who has admittedly more experience in balancing budgets and creating jobs than does Mr. Romney.

Or maybe we could all do the sensible thing and vote for Dr. Gingrich in November.









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  1. Tat is a very sensible solution; just vote for NEWT.

    • Nancy, did you catch the tone of Mitt’s quote?

      “will draw on the creativity and invention of the world’s most innovative citizenry. Government will be their partner, not their master [6]”.

      He is leaning towards global economic control.

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