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Review: “Sarkozy, Obama, Romney, Ron Paul and the Recent European Elections” by Newt Gingrich

May 9, 2012

In this recent essay, Dr. Gingrich outlines in very simple terms what America’s political future will look like by using Europe as a proverbial canary-in-a-coal-mine.

Outraged voters in France, Greece, Spain, and Italy have voiced their disgust with current economic disasters by rejecting entrenched elite ruling classes.  Regardless of political persuasion, incumbents are being replaced by opposition candidates, and even moderates are not immune from this anti-establishment purge.

Dr. Gingrich cites the failure of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to implement conservative reforms, coupled with a grandiose personality and lifestyle, as primary reasons for his recent defeat to a socialist who presented himself as a simple servant of France.

Similarly, American anger with “high unemployment, high gasoline prices, weak growth and big deficits” sets the stage for a comparable repudiation of an elitist Obama this November. 

Dr. Gingrich goes on to commend Mitt Romney for his focus on jobs and the economy, but warns the candidate that anti-establishment sentiment in the US has reached such an historic level that Ron Paul may appear as the most attractive alternative to the status quo.

In other words, although Obama will be a tougher sell to the American people, recent European elections demonstrate that voters have little to no tolerance for any out-of-touch political elitists.


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