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The RNC – with Friends like these…

April 20, 2012

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Nobody thinks Romney’s going to win. Let’s just be honest. Can we just say this for everybody at home? Let me just say this for everybody at home. The Republican establishment–I’ve yet to meet a single person in the Republican establishment that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win the general election this year…[1].

Yet, Steve Duprey, an RNC committee member from New Hampshire was perky and upbeat when he said today at the Republican National Committee meeting in Arizona that:

 “People are glad the primaries are over.  There’s a perception here among this crowd of political pros that he (Romney) has stepped up his game. We’re a lot more optimistic now than we were three months ago.’’[2].

So, RNC groupthink is that Romney can’t possibly win against Obama, but everyone is glad the primaries are over?  Please tell me that I’m not the only person confused by this.

In March of this year, George Will essentially told the GOP to forget winning the Presidency and instead focus on the House and Senate [3], but this is only evidence of a process that began long ago within the Republican High Command, and Rush nailed it in November of 2011:

“…they are more concerned, our consultants, with holding the House and winning the Senate… they’re looking at Romney not because he can beat Obama, but because he can limit the damage in the Senate and House races, which is what they really want…” [4].

Rush believes that the GOP Establishment isn’t interested in the Presidency, and instead want the House and Senate where they think real power rests.  But Rush went on to make another point that no one else even mentions:

“So while we think, using Civics 101, that Republican majorities in the House and Senate could stop Obama, he doesn’t care what the Constitution tells him he can and can’t do. And he’s going to care even less in a second term when there will be no accountability, no election to win, no base to hold, no independents to worry about.” [4].

In other words, the RNC is unconcerned with winning the Presidency because they think the House and Senate will stop Obama.  Obama is unconcerned about the House and Senate because he does as he pleases and the House and Senate won’t stop him.

Am I missing anything?

Oh yes, the effect all this lunacy will have on the American People.  Get ready for $10/gallon gasoline, even more unemployment as remaining US-based businesses flee the country, hyper-inflation, a sharp reduction in our already limited freedoms, the replacement of several Supreme Court justices with ultra-liberals bent on the final destruction of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

For most of us, winning is important.  The only way to stop this headlong rush to annihilation is to vote against the RNC and Mitt Romney.  Throw a monkey wrench into their plans by voting for Newt!


[1]  Scarborough: ‘No One’ In GOP Establishment Thinks Romney Will Beat Obama

[2] Romney Takes a Victory Lap in Arizona

[3]  George Will:  Plan B for stopping Obama

[4]  Rush Limbaugh:  George Will Gives Up on the White House, Urges GOP to Focus on House and Senate


From → Newt

  1. So true. Everyone I talk to dislikes Romney, is uncomfortable with Romney, some say they support him because he is the most electable…..huh…??? If no one likes him, HOW can he be electable. There are sheep out there that have fallen for the MSM and RNC pressure and propaganda, but there are many, many more who have woken up and smelled the stink of progressivism on Romney’s coat. Newt offers a truly electable alternative, a patriot, an intelligent Idea man, a historian, a leader determined to turn our nation around, a real fighter, not a middle of the road woosie. has well written UNDERSTANDABLE plans and platforms, plans that are bold and innovative (Forbes magazine), and that will work. He IS “The Smartest Man In The Room” Ready to hit the ground running on DAY 1 in office.

    • If Iowa was any indicator, Faith, Newt should have won without any trouble. Mitt’s negative media blitz was very effective, just as it was against Santorum. Looks like people are beginning to figure out the dirty tricks.

  2. Candice permalink

    Public Letter of Concern Regarding Romney being Touted as the “Presumptive Nominee”
    Dear Chairman Priebus,

    I am writing to express my concern that the other Republican Party candidates (Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul) who are still in the race are not getting any attention and that it appears that the RNC is perfectly happy to go along with the major media in declaring Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee. The meeting on Friday in Arizona of the members of the RNC where Romney presented a “delegate pledge form” asking members to sign and “pledge to vote for Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention on all ballots until Mitt Romney has been nominated.”, further supports my concerns. As committee member, Steve Scheffler, of Iowa stated, “I will support the nominee when we have nominee.”

    If there were only a few state primaries remaining before the convention, I might be able to understand the RNC’s position better. However, with 19 states still to vote, shouldn’t we allow the citizens of those states decide the primary outcome rather than the national media?

    When I posted that I would be sharing my concerns with you and various media outlets I received over 50 other concerned voters comments and have included them in this letter.

    Erin Bauer

    Cc: AZ COP Chairman, Tom Morrisey
    AZ GOP Chief of Staff, Thayer Verschoor
    AZ GOP, First Vice Chairman, Russel Pearce

    P.S. This letter will be posted on several public sites as well as copied to media outlets

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