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An Open Letter to the RNC

April 19, 2012

I hold no illusion that my words will have any affect on the direction the RNC has chosen to take, but for the sake of my own soul, I will try…once.

Since 1856, the Republican National Committee has existed to serve the needs of its constituents.  By “constituents”, I mean American citizens who have been in agreement with the Republican Party platform.

For the most part, your constituents are everyday common folk concerned with the mundane aspects of life.  The Republican Party, which has become an intrinsic part of America, would not exist were it not for the average citizen.  And yet, over the past few decades the RNC has apparently forgotten to whom they owe their allegiance.

The RNC has become instead a club for the Super-Rich Elite, as evidenced by Romney’s upcoming $50,000.00 per head “Victory Fund” post-coronation celebration in Phoenix.

You cannot imagine the outrage this entire fiasco has created amongst us common serfs.

Romney only has around half the hard delegates needed to win the nomination.  Nineteen states have yet to voice their opinions.  By accepting Romney as the GOP candidate at this early date, it is obvious that RNC rules no longer have any meaning

I sincerely recommend that the RNC very quickly reassess its agenda, because it is no longer in tune with the vast majority of conservative Americans.

We do NOT want Mitt Romney or any other Country Club RINO as our candidate.  The Democrat crossover voters who have helped bolster Romney’s numbers thus far will not repeat their votes in November, and he will lose in the most spectacular fashion to Obama.

I do not hold any hope that the RNC will find its way back to the American public, and thus am looking forward to the emergence of a new Conservative Party to take your place.

After being a lifelong Registered Republican, it is with great regret that I request my name be with drawn from your list of supporters.  I cannot continue to be associated with a political organization that ignores its own rules, much less the voice of The People.


From → Newt

  1. kaks permalink

    All I can say is Amen, and thank you for sharing this letter.

    I have withdrawn my name from email listings and regular mail listings as well, and unsubscribed from the sites. I continue to give them the Albert Einstein quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The only problem is, I don’t think the RNC/GOP even cares about different results.

  2. Vicki permalink

    Thank you for voicing some of us commoners feelings!!! I support your letter & too have denounced the RNC for the same reasons you stated above. Thank you for your clarity!!!!!

  3. Bravo. My father is rolling over in his grave.

  4. This is a genuinely interesting scenario to read about, thank you for posting it. A question: is it just the way the RNC is handling the GOP primary results (together with the fact that it seems the Republican party is about to get a nominee completely out of touch with the lives of the party rank and file) that bothers you or is the ever increased swing to the right that the party has taken an issue as well?

    • This is not just a scenario, Political Capital, these are real-time current events within the Republican Party. Issues are no longer the focus, and the nominee is no longer chosen for his or her ability to lead. The selection process has become a beauty contest exclusively for the Super-Rich, and damn the Rabble for daring to make a fuss.

      Your second question is based upon a false premise – that the GOP and RNC are moving towards the Right. They are not. Indeed, many of our Republican representatives in Congress have become virtually indistinguishable from their Democrat counterparts as they ignore the traditional party platform of fiscal and social conservatism, coupled with personal responsibility.

      Some of these concepts have necessarily had to evolve, for instance, having the compassion to care for those who truly cannot provide for themselves. Other concepts are currently being debated, such as “vulture” capitalism, to which I believe the axiom “Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should” applies.

      The 2010 elections should have been a wake-up call for Republican Party bosses, but instead they have denigrated, marginalized, and trivialized House representatives elected on Tea Party principals.

      The current goal of the Republican Party seems to be breaking the Will of constituents so they will vote in lock-step with whatever the Party presents. Some Republican constituents will continue to vote for whatever is presented to them (I suspect this is mostly out of fear), but many more of us will not. If this means forming a Third Party, I say bring it on. Time to get rid of entrenched politicians who are primarily concerned with power, influence, and personal wealth.

      • EagleInGa permalink


        I’ve been a life long Republican. I’ve worked the phone banks and the polls, done the door-to-door and provided whatever support has been requested. But as I told a fund raiser who called the other night … the Republican Party has chosen to nominate a pandering blue blood liberal as their leader. I reckon at this point I am no more Republican then I am Democrat.

        With Romney as the nominee the GOP has become a joke.

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